Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Magic: Winnie’s Craft Café

OMG! We made it to Ireland! IRELAND! I have been stuffed in Cathy’s bag for almost three months and I finally saw the light of day! (Well, it was night when we got to the knitting group meeting—but whatever, I was out of that bag!)

We arrived in Ireland on a cold December 11. Immigration gave Cathy a bit of a hard time because she did not have a date when she planned to leave the country. He was worried she would try to work in Ireland. Cathy?? Work?? You got to be kidding. But, in the end, the officer stamped her passport and we got in. 

On her second night in Dublin, Cathy found this incredible group of ladies that meet at Winnie’s Craft Café. Wow—another café and knit shop in one place—perfect! And so magical right before Christmas. The ladies were very welcoming and I got passed all around. Marina, the owner, has a great stock of so many kinds of yarn and she started off contributing to me with a bright pink mohair boucle from Cushendale Wollen Mills. It is spun in Kilkenny Ireland by a 200 -year-old family business. As Marina says, “It doesn’t lend itself to fancy stitches!” But it is fancy enough just by itself. 

Marina adding sweet pink boucle from Cushendale Woollen Mills

Then Clare added a knit 2, purl 2 checkerboard section, and Jackie knitted some lace stitches with a blue handspun yarn. Finally Geraldine used a nice hand-dyed yellow sock yarn from Green Elephant Yarns.  I’m back in business, baby! It was so fun meeting these ladies and Cathy says we may rejoin them if we come back through Dublin on one of their Knitnights. 

Winnie's Craft Cafe KnitNight group...Tea, cakes, cookies, and Christmas chocolates
and knitting...what more could you want?