About the Traveling Scarf

In June 2017, I am embarking on what may turn out to be an around-the-world journey that will last 5-8 months. I plan to meet other knitters and spinners on the way and the Travelling Scarf will accompany me on my swing through the UK and Europe and possibly further.

All the knitters and crocheters I encounter are invited to add a few rows to the scarf.
¨ Knit lace, entrelac, stranded/Fair Isle, intarsia, bobbles, nuups, short rows, brioche, double knitting, cables, ribbing, textures.
¨ Add beads, tassels, or ornaments
¨ Use stitches, yarn, and colors you especially like. There will be some yarn available with the scarf, but feel free to use your own favorite fiber. Art yarns and handspun are especially welcome!
¨ Be playful, spontaneous, creative
¨ You can use my needles or your own
¨ There will be an accompanying journal for you to write about your section of the scarf:
· Name, location and optionally, email
· Event/occasion and date
· Yarn used and why you chose it
· Stitch you used
· Any other notes you wish

I will update the status of the scarf occasionally here with photos and stories so people can learn about it’s journey.