Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Liverpool on a Lark

On a lark—and kind of at the last minute—we ended up in Liverpool, England. Cathy quickly researched knitting meet-up groups and found one that met on the very day we arrived, and only about a mile from the hostel. So off we went…for a delightful evening at Cuthbert’s Bakehouse, meeting with the young working women of the Purlesque Knitting Group.

While Cathy knitted and ate the richest brownie in the world, I got passed from lady to lady! 

Sam wrote about her rows: 
“I’ve used Létt Lopi in a shade that is only available from the Handknitting Association of Iceland shop in Reykjavik. I bought it there on my travels in January. I am currently knitting a Klukka dress with it.”

Look at me now!

Cathy will send me on to be stored in Santiago, Spain for a while, so she can GO HIKING.....AGAAAIIIIN! This time on the Camino de Santiago. 
She is leaving me for TWO MONTHS! 

But after that, I think I heard her say that we might head for Ireland for the winter. IRELAND!!! OH MAN! I think I’m going to cry…

Here are my latest contributors from England:


  1. Cute! I love that you write this blog from the scarfs perspective.

    1. Yeah...s/he is getting a bit snarky! Thinks this trip is all about him/her. Haven't figured out its gender.