Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amazing Shetlands: Part 1

On July 5, we took a train to Aberdeen and embarked on a luxurious Northlink ferry for Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Islands. It was about a 14-hour overnight trip. Cathy was very fortunate that the seas were very calmshe gets seasick easily. 

On the way, Cathy met Catherine and Oliver Henry while standing in the stern watching Aberdeen shrink behind us. It turned out (serendipitously?) that Oliver has been the wool broker for Jamieson and Smith (those people who make some luscious Shetland yarn!) for many years. 

Of course, as soon as they opened on Monday, we made a beeline to the Jamieson and Smith yarn store, right next door to the brokerage house.
The Jamieson & Smith Brokerage--almost all the fleece from the Shetland Islands comes through these doors. Since it was the height of sheering season, Oliver was very busy.

Cathy found some cobweb weight yarn to practice making finer lace.

Look at those colorful Shetland sweaters!

While on the ferry, Catherine had invited Cathy to come by to visit one day, so after our shopping spree we found ourselves in the cozy Henry home overlooking the bay. (Have I mentioned how friendly the Scottish people are? Well they are doubly friendly and helpful in the Shetlands!) Catherine had not knitted in a number of years, but broke out her stash to add some funky purple bling to meI was growing again!!

Lerwick has a wondrous Shetland Textile Museum museum where knitters and other fiber lovers can drool over the creations, old and new, of the incredible knitters, spinners, and weavers here. Cathy was completely enthralled by the exhibits of vintage lace knitting. Look at that sock!

Shetland shawls are famous for being sheer and fine. You can see right through them and some of them can even be passed through a wedding ring! Incredible!

On Tuesday, Cathy took a short ferry ride over to the Island of Bressay--right across the harbor from Lerwick. She hiked to the top of the hill there collecting hentilagets which she then began spinning into yarn. She explains in this video:

Wouldn’t you like to try that? I wonder if there is any chance some of that hentilaget yarn will end up on me???  Hmmm...maybe if I  try flattery:  Cathy sure is a lot of fun to travel with!

You can read more about Cathy's visit to Bressay here.

To be continued here

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