Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Very Special Encounter...

Cathy spent a couple weeks without showing me off at all...I just sat in her pack while she went off hiking around the Scottish Highlands. You would think she would at least take me out a couple times, but NOOOO...there I sat bored and not growing at all. What a waste of a beautiful scarf! 

But on the train between Glasgow and the English Yorkshires, my fate changed. Cathy sat down next to Ann from the Isle of Jura on the west coast of Scotland. They got to talking and Ann is a knitter...and she loves to knit lace, just like Cathy. Well that was enough for Cathy to walk to the back of the train and retrieve me from her luggage so Ann could make a significant, lacy addition. Wow...Im back in business!

It was a short, but very special and serendipitous encounter. We had to transfer to another train in Carlisle and say goodbye to Ann, but she invited us to visit her in Jura if we return to Scotland. 

Can we go, Cathy?  Can we? 

Later, Ann sent us the photo 
she took of Cathy modeling 
me on the cramped train.

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